Reed Diffuser Set

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With a contemporary concrete lid, the natural liquid scent sits inside a coloured glass container. This diffuser set comes with 100ml refill and wooden sticks; the intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted using the reeds. 

French Cotton - Discreet, minimalistic and pure - encased in this scent, like a clean fresh piece of clothing. White and pristine it fills the room in herbal, sweet Freshness. The powdery note combines freshness and naturalness, a fine scent of purity diffuses in the air.

Sandalwood Myrrh - Sandalwood features a warm, velvety scent, which reminds us of the modern orient. Not heavy and not excessive, this bitter beauty catches us and gives us peace and happiness. The combination of sandalwood and myrrh brings the orient into our home. With a wonderfully balanced and soft aroma this scent has a wooden character.

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