Northwick Scented Candle

by Northwick Wares


Scented soy wax candles with wooden wicks presented in a tactile reusable ceramic jar from new lifestyle brand, Northwick Wares. There are three fragrances to choose from...

Majorelle: Inspired by the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, this candle transports you to the shady Moroccan garden lanes of what was once Yves Saint Laurent's home. Sticky vanilla and woody cinnamon are offset by fresh lime and fragrant coriander to create a unique scent.

Fjordlands: Escape to the idyllic fjords of Norway with a candle that captures scents of cascading waterfalls, forest fruits and woody mountain incense. Dark amber is delicately blended with light floral notes to create a fragrance reminiscent of the crisp Nordic air.

Caledonia: Taking its cues from the Scottish Highlands, Caledonia is the embodiment of a Sunday afternoon stroll following fresh rain on the wild green terrain. Recreating the diversity of the landscape, earthy oakmoss is paired with sharp citrus and green leaf for a multi-layered sensory experience.

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