Bath & Shower Oil

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These 100% natural multi-tasking oils tackle fatigue and hydrate skin, leaving your mind soothed and skin soft and hydrated.  

For the bath | Run a bath and add a few drops up-to half a cap to running water. The oil is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.

For the shower | Shower normally and they add a few drops into the palm of your hands, take a mindful breath and inhale the wonderful scent before applying the oil to your neck and arms.

100ml glass bottle.

Retreat: Formulated to lift spirits and deliver relaxation, the retreat bath and shower oil is made with calming lavender, ylang-ylang and sustainable ho-leaf essential oils to calm your senses after a tiring day

Drift Off: All all-natural Drift off oil with its signature scent of lavender, mandarin and vetiver essential oils will transform your sleep. Night Night

Breathe In: This potent and luxurious bath oil with eucalyptus, lemon & thyme essential oils will soothe airways and unclog congested minds. Ideal for when you are feeling under the weather

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