Stick Shelving System

by Menu

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The Stick Shelving System from Menu is a versatile and modern storage solution and is ideal for creating modular shelving for any room of the house which brings a Scandinavian style.

Choose from Dark Ash, Light Ash or White and various different sizes. Self assembly

In standard configuration each unit or "cubicle" measures H: 35cm; W: 58.5cm; D: 29cm and are made from powder coated steel and stained ash wood.
Measurements signify 1 unit wide x 1 unit high (e.g. 1 x 3 = 1 unit wide and 3 units high)

Custom order product


1 x 2 - H: 70cm; W: 58.5cm; D: 29cm
1 x 3 - H: 105cm; W: 58.5cm; D: 29cm
1 x 4 - H: 140cm; W: 58.5cm; D: 29cm
1 x 5 - H: 175cm; W: 58.5cm; D: 29cm
3 x 2 - H: 70cm; W: 175.5cm; D: 29cm
3 x 3 - H: 105cm; W: 175.5cm; D: 29cm
3 x 4 - H: 140cm; W: 175.5cm; D: 29cm
3 x 5 - H: 175cm; W: 175.5cm; D: 29cm

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