Seconds Quality Mags Soft Sofa Lounge Module

by HAY

£499.00 Regular price £1,400.00

We have one Mags Soft Sofa Lounge Module (S9301) which is a seconds quality as the upholstery isn't lying quite as smooth as normal over the surface creating the small curves. Other than that its in perfect condition and available for immediate delivery. 

It could be used as a standalone piece pushed into a corner of a space. Or could be partnered with another right hand module which we can order for you as new. 

The fabric is a strong sunny yellow Steelcut Trio 446 from Kvadrat with a light grey stitched edge. It measures 137.5cm L x 103.5cm D x 67cm H.  

Non refundable. 

Technical Information

137.5cm L x 103.5cm D x 67cm H

Refund Policy

Ex display and seconds pieces are non refundable and the normal warranty does not apply

Excluding shipping, taxes & discounts


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