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Bevel Bench


George Bench Oak | Skagerak

Georg Bench

From £899.00

Georg Stool Oak | Skagerak | Insidestore

Georg Stool

From £339.00

Maissi Bench Skagerak

Maissi Bench


Georg Bar Stool Oak | Skagerak | Insidestore

Georg Bar Stool

From £499.00

Position Bench | White Oak | Form & Refine | Insidestore

Position Bench

From £467.00

A Line Storage Bench

A Line Storage Bench

From £617.00

Shoemaker Chair

Shoemaker Chair

From £344.00

Angle Standard Stool Lifestyle | Form & Refine | Insidestore

Angle Standard Stool

From £119.00

Three Colours
Weekday Bench Duo | Red & Blue | Hay | Insidestore
Three Sizes
Weekday Bench | Steel Blue | Hay | Insidestore

Weekday Bench

From £215.00

Stools and benches are very practical pieces for any home. Simple stylish stools can be used at the dining table, in the bathroom, at a desk or bedside and can be moved around easily. A dining table goes great with a bench along one side so it can be pushed closer to a wall or hold more people than individual chairs.
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