Splatter Ceramic Platter

Splatter Serveware

On Sale from £12.80 Regular price £16.00

Plant Pots by HAY | Insidestore

HAY Plant Pot

From £11.00

Wood Mug Yellow Hay | Insidestore

Wood Mug


Shade Bin Grey Hay | Insidestore London

Shade Bin


Pink Screen Print A3 Jonathan Lawes

Pink Screen Print

£50.00 Sold Out

Line Coat & Towel Hooks Kolor

Line Hook

From £18.00

Plank Chopping Board Small by HAY | Insidestore

Plank Chopping Board

From £20.00

Glass Tumblers Assorted by HAY | Insidestore

HAY Glass Tumbler

From £3.00

Big Pot Grid Steph Liddle

Big Pot Grid


The Dots Coat Hooks Lifestyle by Muuto | Insidestore

The Dots Coat Hooks

From £15.00

Rimwood Clock Umbra

Natural Wood Clock

On Sale £36.00 Regular price £45.00

Tin by Sowden | Pink | HAY

Sowden Tin


Sowden Bottle

Sowden Bottle

From £29.00

Glass Containers

glass containers

From £13.00

Mid Pot Dash Steph Liddle

Mid Pot Dash

£35.00 Sold Out

Sparrow Screen Print Framed Yellow Gail Bryson

Sparrow Screen Print Framed Yellow

On Sale £45.00 Regular price £75.00

Muuto Restore Tray Grey

Restore Tray


Analog Clock

Analog Clock


Kaleido Trays Range Shot by HAY | Insidestore

Kaleido Tray

From £13.00

Enamel Cup Pink HAY | Insidestore formerly Future and Found

Enamel Cup Pink

£13.00 Sold Out

Flo Grinder Small Natural Wireworks

Flo Grinder


Gym Hook Medium Light Grey Hay

Gym Hooks

From £29.00

Mus Plant Pot Family Ferm Living | Insidestore

Mus Plant Pot

From £19.00

Mimic Mirror Muuto

Mimic Mirror


Circles Screen Print Framed Gail Bryson

Circles Screen Print Framed

On Sale £39.00 Regular price £65.00

Flip Mirrors Normann Copenhagen

Flip Mirror

From £58.00

Coloured Crates Lifestyle | Hay

Colour Crate

From £6.00

Sparrow Screen Print Framed Gail Bryson

Sparrow Screen Print Framed Coral

On Sale £45.00 Regular price £75.00

Mono Tableware Bliss Home

Mono Tableware

From £8.00

Clork Clock Black Puik

Clork Black

On Sale £39.00 Regular price £48.00

Triangles Screen Print Framed Gail Bryson

Triangles Screen Print Framed

On Sale £39.00 Regular price £65.00

Sowden Salt & Pepper Mills Hay

Salt & Pepper Mills

From £35.00

Ellipse Tray Family Hay

Ellipse Tray

From £16.00

Tub Jug Green | Muuto

Tub Jug


Siena Pouch | Artek

Siena Pouch

From £25.00

Siena Tray | Artek

Siena Tray

From £29.00

Add the finishing touches to your interior with modern home accessories and decorative decor. Whatever you're looking for you'll find leading designer brands in our curated home accessories collection.

Choose from design led planters and contemporary vases, simply styled prints and minimal frames, modern eye catching designer mirrors as well as bathroom accessories and more from iconic brands like Hay, Muuto, Ferm Living, House Doctor and more. 

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