Best Seller
Restore Basket New Colours | Muuto | Insidestore London
Colour Crate | Hay | Insidestore

HAY Colour Crate

From £6.00

Best Seller
Kaleido Tray | Hay | Insidestore

Kaleido Tray

From £25.00

Best Seller
Stripy Storage Baskets Lifestyle | Remember | Insidestore London

Stripy Storage Basket

From £69.00

Four Colours
Shade Bin Blush Hay | Insidestore London

Shade Bin


Two Sizes
Hide Storage Pouf

Hide Storage Pouf

From £240.00

Restore Tray Light Blue | Muuto | Insidestore London

Restore Tray


Ellipse Trays Lifestyle Hay | Insidestore London

Ellipse Tray

On Sale from £12.00 Regular price £16.00

Colour Storage Round Vibrant Red | Hay | Insidestore

Colour Storage Round

On Sale £18.00 Regular price £25.00

Pillar Storage Boxes Beech | Form & Refine | Insidestore

Pillar Storage Box

From £149.00

Colour Storage | Hay | Insidestore

Colour Storage

From £13.00

Minimal Metal Trays | Remember | Insidestore

Minimal Tray

From £39.00

HAY Colour Crate Mix Family | Insidestore

Colour Crate Mix

From £6.00

Organise Trays Oak | Moebe | Insidestore


From £39.00

Colour Crate Lid Close Up | HAY | Insidestore

Colour Crate Lid

From £45.00

Organise your home with our selection of small storage pieces and tabletop trays. Everything will look stylishly filed away in no time!

From Hay kaleido trays to Muuto Restore Baskets we have you covered with our modern home storage ideas.  


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