Five Colours
A5 Picture Frame
Two Sizes & Finishes
Wall Mirror being held | Moebe | Insidestore

Wall Mirror Round

From £155.00

Five Colours
Oak Picture Frames | Moebe | Insidestore
Two Finishes
Moebe Wall Mirror Tall Hanging | Insidestore

Wall Mirror Tall


Three Colours
A3 Picture Frames | Moebe | Insidestore
Poster Hanger 50x70cm White | Moebe | Insidestore

Poster Hanger 50x70cm White

On Sale £30.00 Regular price £45.00

Gallery Shelf Oak Close Up | Moebe | Insidestore

Gallery Shelf Oak

From £85.00

Gallery Shelf Black | Moebe | Insidestore

Gallery Shelf Black

From £85.00

Cutting Board by Moebe | Insidestore

Oak Cutting Board

From £35.00

Organise Trays Oak | Moebe | Insidestore


From £39.00

An understated Scandinavian brand, Moebe are based in Copenhagen and design everything in house. 

Moebe believe that great products are designed to last, easily repaired and easily recycled. They should be made using quality materials, produced in an honest way and shouldn't have a negative impact on people or the environment.

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