Twist Tea Towel & Dish Cloth Set | Hay | Insidestore

Twist Dish Cloth & Tea Towel Set of 4

On Sale £19.00 Regular price £29.00

Outline Napkins Colours | Hay | Insidestore

Outline Napkins

On Sale £28.00 Regular price £35.00

S&B Tea Towels Set of Two | Hay | Insidestore

S&B Tea Towel Set of Two

On Sale £25.00 Regular price £35.00

Stripy Tea Towels | Broste | Insidestore

Stripy Tea Towels Set of Two

On Sale £18.00 Regular price £24.00

Brighten up doing the dishes with super stylish tea towels... Our kitchen textiles collection includes oven mitts and pot holders your cooker will love.. along with refreshingly modern table linen that your table will be proud of.
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