Braided Lampshades Ferm Living Lifestyle

Braided Lamp Shade

On Sale from £60.00 Regular price £75.00

Four Sizes
Hourglass Planters Ferm Living Lifestyle

Hourglass Plant Pot

From £85.00

Best Seller
Ripple Set of 4 Glasses
Best Seller
Ripple Glasswear Family Clear | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Ripple Carafe


Ferm Living Bevel Extendable Dining Table Oak

Bevel Extendable Table

From £2,095.00

Best Seller
Pond Wall Mirror Ferm Living Lifestyle

Pond Wall Mirror Brass

From £155.00

Ferm Living Jute Rug Round Spots

Jute Rug Round Spots

From £39.00

Way Rug

Way Rug

From £49.00

Ease Loop Rug Ferm Living

Ease Loop Rug

From £665.00

Shade Loop Rug

Shade Loop Rug

From £665.00

Still Teapot

Still Teapot


Plant Box Pot Grey | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Plant Box Pot

On Sale £39.00 Regular price £49.00

Two Finishes
Sector Desk Close Up Black & Black Lifestyle | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Sector Desk


Shop our curated collection from Danish brand Ferm Living. 

Fusing Scandinavian style with global influences, Ferm Living create an eclectic and relaxed mix of home interiors designed to allow to feel at home. 

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