Glass Tumbler Medium | Hay

Glass Tumbler

From £3.00

MT Washi Tape

Washi Paper Tape

£3.00 Sold Out

Leo Sponge Colours | Hay | Insidestore

Leo Sponge

£3.50 Sold Out

Colour Crates Medium Teal & Off White | Hay

Colour Crate

From £6.00

91 Magazine Volume 11 | Insidestore

91 Magazine

From £8.00

Kimbo Serveware Anthracite

Kimbo Serveware Anthracite

From £8.00 Sold Out

Kimbo Serveware Orange

Kimbo Serveware Orange

From £8.00 Sold Out

Concrete Face Pot Small | Insidestore

Concrete Face Pot

From £9.00

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

From £10.00

Tin by Sowden | Pink | HAY

Sowden Tin

£10.00 Sold Out

Mango Wood Plates HK Living | Insidestore

Mango Wood Plate

From £10.00

Dalton Plant Pot Family Ash | Anther + Moss | Insidestore

Dalton Plant Pot Ash

From £12.00

White Enamel Soap Dish | Insidestore

White Enamel Soap Dish

£12.00 Sold Out

Matches In Glass Bottle Black

Matches in Glass Bottle

£12.50 Sold Out

Apartamento Magazine Issue 24

Apartamento Magazine

From £13.50 Sold Out

Plant Pots by HAY | Insidestore

HAY Plant Pot

From £14.00

Ice Cube Tray XL Teal | Hay | Insidestore

Ice Cube Tray XL Teal

£14.00 Sold Out

Kaleido Tray XL Grey Lifestyle | Hay

Kaleido Tray

From £16.00

Ellipse Tray Colours | Hay

Ellipse Tray

From £16.00

Blah Blah Towels | Donna Wilson | Insidestore

Blah Blah Towel

From £16.00

The Dots Coat Hooks Lifestyle by Muuto | Insidestore

The Dots Coat Hooks

From £17.00

Enamel Serving Bowl Black Sprinkle Hay

Enamel Bowl Black Sprinkle

£18.00 Sold Out

Scamp Mug | Donna Wilson | Insidestore

Scamp Mug


Mog Mug | Donna Wilson | Insidestore

Mog Mug


Curve Hook Blue | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Curve Hook


Reading Glasses Shape D Light Tortoise by Izipizi | Insidestore

Reading Glasses #D

From £20.00

Tea Towel Pair Block Dots

Tea Towel Pair Block Dots

£20.00 Sold Out

Tea Towel Pair Big Dots | HAY

Tea Towel Pair Big Dots

£20.00 Sold Out

Laundry Basket Shapes Moxon

Laundry Basket Shapes

£22.00 Sold Out

Cotton Bathmat Dark Grey 100x50cm Blomus

Bathmat Dark Grey

From £24.00

Cotton Bathmat Light Grey 100x50cm Blomus

Bathmat Light Grey

From £24.00

A5 Frame

A5 Frame


Mog Plate | Donna Wilson | Insidetore

Mog Plate


Scamp Plate | Donna Wilson | Insidestore

Scamp Plate


Rice Paper Lamp Shades Family Hay | Insidestore

Rice Paper Shade

From £25.00

Twist Candle Fluro Yellow Lex Pott Lifestyle

Twist Candle


Laundry Basket Small Hay

Laundry Basket Light Grey

£29.00 Sold Out

Glass Carafe | Small Tumbler Lifestyle Hay

Glass Carafe


Wild & Wood Concrete Door Stop | Insidestore

Concrete Door Stop

£30.00 Sold Out

Izipizi Sunglasses Shape C Light Tortoise

Sunglasses Shape C

From £30.00

Beech Chopping Board | Insidestore

Beech Chopping Board

£32.00 Sold Out

Delicious Places Book Gestalten

Delicious Places Book

£35.00 Sold Out

Shade Bin Off White | Hay

Shade Bin


Glass Jug Amber | HAY

Glass Jug Amber

£35.00 Sold Out

A4 Frame

A4 Frame


Terrazzo Bookends Korridor Design

Terrazzo Bookend

£39.00 Sold Out

Travel Cup Grey | HAY

Travel Cup


Moroccan Vases | Hay | Insidestore

Moroccan Glass Vase

From £39.00

Northern Comfort Book Gestalten

Northern Comfort Book

£40.00 Sold Out

Take A Bath | Interior Design Book | Gestalten

Take A Bath


Flo Grinder Small Natural Wireworks

Flo Grinder

£45.00 Sold Out

Ferm Living Jute Rug Round Spots

Jute Rug Round Spots

From £45.00

Bruka Cushion Red | Sophie Home

Bruka Knitted Cushion Red

£45.00 Sold Out

A3 Frame

A3 Frame


Big Foot Table Leg 75cm Black Lifestyle | Tiptoe

Big Foot Table Legs

From £49.00

Way Rug

Way Rug

From £49.00

Coral Screen Print A3 Jonathan Lawes

Coral Screen Print

£50.00 Sold Out

Hourglass Planters Ferm Living Lifestyle

Hourglass Plant Pot

From £59.00

Braided Lampshades Ferm Living Lifestyle

Braided Lamp Shade

From £59.00

Still Teapot

Still Teapot


Restore Tray

Restore Tray


Mono Blankets Hay

Mono Blanket


Loop Trivet Oak Lifestyle | Skagerak

Loop Trivet Oak Large

£65.00 Sold Out

E27 Pendant Light Pale Blue | Muuto | Insidestore

E27 Light


Dot Cushion by HAY | Insidestore

Dot Cushion


Leana Ladder Black Lifestyle | Umbra | Insidestore

Leana Ladder


Enamel Bake Set Grey | Falcon Enamelware | Insidestore

Enamel Bake Set Grey

£79.00 Sold Out

Muuto Folded Shelves

Folded Shelf

From £89.00

Flip Mirror White Styled Normann Copenhagen

Flip Mirror


Cast Pendants Menu

Cast Pendant

From £90.00

HAY Analog Clock White

Analog Clock


Felt Pouf Small Coral & Medium Turquoise Grey | MyFelt | Insidestore

Felt Pouf

From £99.00

Sector Shelf Triple Wide Oak & Black | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Sector Shelving

From £109.00

Lou Stool Ash Pink as Side Table Tiptoe | Insidestore

Lou Stool

From £115.00

Love Rug Maison Deux

Love Rug


Tapis Rug Colours HAY

Tapis Rug

From £119.00

Pond Wall Mirror Ferm Living Lifestyle

Pond Wall Mirror

From £125.00

Muuto Grain Pendant Grey

Grain Pendant

£125.00 Sold Out

Pao Steel Pendant

Pao Steel Pendant

From £129.00

HAY Revolver Stool

Revolver Stool


Muuto Control Lamp Grey | Insidestore

Control Lamp


Mega Dot Quilt Lavender and Light Grey Hay

Mega Dot Quilt

From £149.00

Bias Quilt Lemon Sorbet Hay | Insidestore London

Bias Quilt

From £149.00

DLM Side Table Black by HAY | Insidestore

DLM Side Table


Hay Slit Table Family

Slit Table

From £149.00

Bau Pendant Natural Normann Copenhagen

Bau Pendant Natural

From £155.00

Muuto Fluid Pendants Large & Small

Fluid Pendant Lamp

From £155.00

J77 Chair | Insidestore formerly Future and Found

J77 Chair

From £155.00

HAY Peas Rug Dark Grey with Black DLM Table

Peas Rug

From £169.00

Nomad Stool

Nomad Stool


Tip Wall Lamp Black Lifestyle | Muuto | Insidestore

Tip Wall Lamp


Drum Pouf with Tray | Insidestore

Drum Pouf

From £175.00

Airy Coffee Table Half Black

Airy Coffee Table

From £175.00

Two Dot Bench White Nomess Copenhagen

Two Dot Bench


Eyes Rugs Maison Deux

Eyes Rugs


Tulou Coffee Table Black by HAY | Insidestore

Tulou Coffee Table

From £179.00

Rime Pendant White Muuto

Rime Pendant Lamp

From £179.00

J104 Chair Natural Beech by HAY | Insidestore

J104 Chair

From £179.00

Vuelta Lamp | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Vuelta Lamp


Loop Stand Wardrobe Black and White

Loop Stand

From £195.00

HAY Revolver Stool Black

Revolver Bar Stool

From £195.00

Bias Rug Colour HAY

Bias Rug

From £199.00

Big One Round Rug Beige & Green Beige | MyFelt | Insidestore

Big One Round Rug

From £199.00

13Eighty Chair

13Eighty Chair


Bella Side Table Brunswick Green by Hay | Insidestore

Bella Coffee Table

From £209.00

Cosy Lamp

Cosy Lamp


Muuto Ply Rugs All Colours

Ply Rug

From £209.00

HAY Woody Shelving Unit High

Woody Shelves

From £229.00

Dress Up Clothes Rail Black with Black

Dress Up Clothes Rail

From £235.00

Shaggy Rug Colours HAY

Shaggy Rug

From £239.00

Tip Table Lamp Black Lifestyle Close Up | Muuto | Insidestore

Tip Table Lamp


Strand Pendant Lamp Closed 80cm | Muuto

Strand Pendant Lamp

From £245.00

Phant Side Table Black

Phant Side Table Black

£249.00 Sold Out

J110 Chair

J110 Chair

From £249.00

J41 Chair HAY

J41 Chair

From £249.00

Picnic Table & Stool Hunter Green | Skagerak | Insidestore

Picnic Stool


Butler Step Stool | Hay | Insidestore



Georg Stool Oak | Skagerak | Insidestore

Georg Stool

From £259.00

Cap Table Lamp Midnight Blue | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Cap Table Lamp


Muuto Visu Chair Grey

Visu Chair


HAY Moire Rug Black Close Up

Moire Kelim Rug

From £269.00

PC Task Lamp HAY Black

PC Task Lamp


Revolt Chairs around Pyramid Table | Hay | Insidestore

Revolt Chair


J42 Chair HAY

J42 Chair

From £295.00

Embrace Birch | John Green | Insidestore

Embrace Coffee Table

From £295.00

Otis Chair Oak | John Green | Insidestore

Otis Chair Oak

From £295.00

Otis Chair Black Ash with Black Leather Seat Cushion | John Green | Insidestore

Otis Chair Black Ash

From £295.00

Soround Coffee Table Black and Concrete

Soround Coffee Table

From £299.00

Stick Shelving System White | Menu

Stick Shelving System

From £300.00

Flow Trolley Two Layer Blue Grey Lifestyle | Muuto | Insidestore

Flow Trolley

From £305.00

Sector Desk Close Up Black & Black Lifestyle | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Sector Desk


Palissade Cone Table

Palissade Cone Table

From £335.00

Muuto Lifestyle Workshop Chairs Oak and Black

Workshop Chair


Tip Floor Lamp White Lifestyle | Muuto | Insidestore

Tip Floor Lamp


About An Ottoman

About An Ottoman

From £355.00

Nerd Chair Sand Yellow Lifestyle

Nerd Chair


Otis Stool Oak | John Green | Insidestore

Otis Stool


Cover Chair Oak Green Grey

Cover Armchair


Georg Bar Stool Oak | Skagerak | Insidestore

Georg Bar Stool

From £389.00

Nerd Bar Stools at Counter

Nerd Bar Stool


Muuto Visu Bar Stool Oak

Visu Bar Stool


Compile Shelving

Compile Shelving

From £425.00

Muuto Pull Lamp

Pull Lamp


Pull Lamp Grey

Pull Lamp Grey


Linear Wood Bench Lifestyle | Muuto

Linear Wood Bench

From £445.00

Pyramid Bench 11 Lifestyle | Hay | Insidestore

Pyramid Bench 11

From £449.00

Peas Random Rug

Peas Random Rug

From £469.00

Tilt Top Table Black | Hay | Insidestore

Tilt Top Table


Bonbon Pendant 380 Ice Cream Hay

Bonbon Pendant

From £479.00

Echo Pouf

Echo Pouf

From £495.00

Workshop Coffee Table 86x86cm Oak Lifestyle | Muuto

Workshop Coffee Table

From £495.00

Georg Console Table Oak | Skagerak | Insidestore

Georg Console Table

From £535.00

Mags Ottoman Hallingdal Hay

Mags Ottoman

From £539.00

Raw Rug No 2 Colours | Hay

Raw Rug No 2

From £539.00

Varjo Rug Colours | Muuto

Varjo Rug

From £565.00

Ease Loop Rug Ferm Living

Ease Loop Rug

From £579.00

Shade Loop Rug

Shade Loop Rug

From £579.00

Bevel Bench Lifestyle | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Bevel Bench


Normann Copenhagen Journal Desk White

Journal Desk


Doze Ottoman Balder 782 Chrome Base | Muuto

Doze Ottoman

From £645.00

Georg Desk Oak | Skagerak | Insidestore

Georg Desk Oak

From £649.00

George Bench Oak | Skagerak

Georg Bench

From £659.00

Picnic Table & Stool Hunter Green | Skagerak | Insidestore

Picnic Table


Dapper Chair Hallingdal 220 Hay | Raw Rug Rose

Dapper Lounge Chair

From £709.00

Cover Lounge Chair Oak & Cognac Leather Muuto

Cover Lounge Chair

From £715.00

Pyramid Table 140x65cm Beige Frame & Oak | Hay | Insidestore

Pyramid Table 01

From £769.00

Otis Table Oak | John Green | Insidestore

Otis Table Oak

From £800.00

Base Table Grey Styled 2

Base Table

From £845.00

Linear Wood Table & Bench Lifestyle | Muuto

Linear Wood Table

From £895.00

Softline Frame Day Bed Light Grey

Frame Day Bed


Maissi Bench Skagerak

Maissi Bench


Pebble Rug Colour Options Muuto

Pebble Rug

From £985.00

Triangle Leg Bench

Triangle Leg Bench

From £1,029.00

Duet Daybed

Duet Daybed

From £1,049.00

Lubi Daybed

Lubi Daybed


Noomi Swivel Lounge Chair Softline

Noomi Lounge Chair

From £1,059.00

AAL82 Soft Vidar 932

About A Lounge 82 Soft

From £1,095.00

Havana Lounge Chair

Havana Lounge Chair

From £1,099.00

Muuto 70/70 Table Oak Veneer & White | Insidestore

70/70 Table

From £1,149.00

Muuto Rest Sofa Ottoman | Insidestore

Rest Pouf


Pyramid Table 02 | Hay | Insidestore

Pyramid Table 02

From £1,349.00

Harto Sideboard Marius Natural Oak

Sideboard Marius


Havana Wing Chair Black Grey Vision Softline

Havana Wing Chair


Triangle Leg Table

Triangle Leg Table

From £1,415.00

City Sofa Bed Charcoal Felt Melange Softline

City Sofa Bed


Enfold Sideboard Low

Enfold Sideboard Low

From £1,549.00

Enfold Sideboard Tall

Enfold Sideboard Tall

From £1,549.00

Softline Jasper Sofa Bed Yellow

Jasper Sofa Bed

From £1,675.00

Barnard Lounge Chair Natural Leather Natural Oak Frame Hay

Bernard Lounge Chair

From £1,799.00

Can Two Seater Sofa | Chrome Frame | Black Canvas | Linara 415 | HAY

Can Sofa Two Seater

From £1,799.00

Doze Lounge Chair Dark Blue Balder | Muuto | Insidestore

Doze Lounge Chair

From £1,895.00

Outline Chair Fiord 151

Outline Arm Chair

From £1,995.00

Muuto Split Table Oak

Split Table


Ferm Living Bevel Extendable Dining Table

Bevel Extendable Table

From £2,069.00

Can Sofa Three Seater

Can Sofa Three Seater

From £2,249.00

Silhouette Sofa | Insidestore

Silhouette Sofa

From £2,449.00

Outline 3 1/2 Seater Sofa Vidar 554 Muuto

Outline Sofa

From £2,649.00

Velvet Hackney Sofa

Hackney Sofa

From £2,699.00

Compose 2 seater sofa Pink

Compose Sofa

From £3,049.00

Rest Sofa Lifestyle Muuto

Rest Sofa

From £3,449.00

Mags Corner Group Sofa By Hay, Combination 1 | Insidestore

Mags Sofa Corner Options

From £3,582.00

Arbour 3 Seater Sofa | Hay | Insidestore

Arbour 3 Seater Sofa

From £3,869.00

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