HAY Glass Tumbler

HAY Glass Tumbler

From £3.00

Wonkey Keyring






Cereal Magazine Volume 17

Cereal Magazine

From £6.00 Sold Out

Coloured Crates Lifestyle | Hay

Colour Crate

From £6.00

Tin by Sowden | Pink | HAY

Sowden Tin


Mesh Zip Pocket Colours

Mesh Zip Pocket

From £7.50

91 Magazine Volume Seven

91 Magazine

£8.00 Sold Out

Umbra Buddy Squeegee White

Buddy Squeegee White

£10.00 Sold Out

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

From £10.00

Mango Wood Plates HK Living | Insidestore

Mango Wood Plate

From £10.00

Key Tools

Key Tools

£10.00 Sold Out

Kimbo Serveware Melon

Kimbo Serveware Melon

From £10.00 Sold Out

Bubbles Glass Bowl Clear

Bubbles Glass Bowl Clear

£10.00 Sold Out

Plant Pots by HAY | Insidestore

HAY Plant Pot

From £11.00

Face Ceramic Vase White

Face Vase Ceramic

From £12.50

Glass Containers

glass containers

From £13.00

Weekly Notepad Mid Grey Before Breakfast

Weekly Notepad Mid Grey

£13.00 Sold Out

Get It Together Stapler Ban.do

Get It Together Stapler

£14.95 Sold Out

Petite Passport Magazine | Insidestore London

Petite Passport Magazine

£14.99 Sold Out

Concrete Cube and Cylinder

Concrete Cube

£15.00 Sold Out

Fire Smoke Green Book

Fire Smoke Green Book

£15.00 Sold Out

Kaleido Trays Range Shot by HAY | Insidestore

Kaleido Tray

From £16.00

Ellipse Tray Family Hay

Ellipse Tray

From £16.00

Wood Mug Yellow Hay | Insidestore

Wood Mug


Knitted Giraffe Rattle

Knitted Giraffe Rattle

£16.00 Sold Out

Enamel Bowl Pink HAY | Insidestore formerly Future and Found

Enamel Bowl Pink

£17.00 Sold Out

The Dots Coat Hooks Lifestyle by Muuto | Insidestore

The Dots Coat Hooks

From £17.00

Enamel Serving Bowl Black Sprinkle Hay

Enamel Bowl Black Sprinkle

£17.00 Sold Out

Mus Plant Pot Family Ferm Living | Insidestore

Mus Plant Pot

From £19.00 Sold Out

Laundry Basket Shapes Moxon

Laundry Basket Shapes

£19.50 Sold Out

LED Globe Bulb Clear

E27 LED Globe Bulb

From £20.00

Rice Paper Lamp Shades Family Hay | Insidestore

Rice Paper Shade

From £20.00 Sold Out

Neon Pink Packing Pouch Large

Neon Packing Pouch Large

£20.00 Sold Out

Tint Tumbler Large Pink Hay Lifestyle

Tint Tumblers Set of Two

From £21.00 Sold Out

Enamel Tray Pink HAY | Insidestore formerly Future and Found

Enamel Tray Pink

£22.00 Sold Out

Knitted Bunny Yellow Sophie Home

Knitted Bunny

£22.00 Sold Out

Cotton Bathmat Dark Grey 100x50cm Blomus

Bathmat Dark Grey

From £24.00

Cotton Bathmat Light Grey 100x50cm Blomus

Bathmat Light Grey

From £24.00

Twist Candle Fluro Yellow Lex Pott Lifestyle

Twist Candle


A5 Frame

A5 Frame


Tool Box Grey

Tool Box Grey

£25.00 Sold Out

Watering Can Light Grey Hay

Watering Can Light Grey

£25.00 Sold Out

Cocoa Book

Cocoa Book


Siena Pouch | Artek

Siena Pouch

From £25.00

Glass Carafe | Small Tumbler Lifestyle Hay

Glass Carafe


Dishoom Book

Dishoom Book

£26.00 Sold Out

Concrete Toilet Brush

Concrete Toilet Brush

£29.00 Sold Out

Sowden Bottle

Sowden Bottle

From £29.00

Siena Tray | Artek

Siena Tray

From £29.00

Wild & Wood Concrete Door Stop | Insidestore

Concrete Door Stop

£30.00 Sold Out

Knitted Rainbow Mobile

Knitted Rainbow Mobile

£30.00 Sold Out

Black Heart Print 30x40cm

Heart Print 30x40cm

£32.00 Sold Out

Felix Vase Green Glass Fest Amsterdam

Felix Vase Green

£34.00 Sold Out

Ferm Living Jute Rug Round Spots

Jute Rug Round Spots

From £35.00

Sowden Salt & Pepper Mills Hay

Salt & Pepper Mill

From £35.00

Shade Bin Grey Hay | Insidestore London

Shade Bin


Glass Jug Amber | HAY

Glass Jug Amber

£35.00 Sold Out

Travel Cup Grey | HAY

Travel Cup


The Home Upgrade Book

The Home Upgrade Book

£35.00 Sold Out

Be Well Book Gestalten

Be Well Book


A4 Frame

A4 Frame


Nashers Ceramic Pot

Nashers Ceramic Pot

£39.00 Sold Out

Boobs Ceramic Pot | Insidestore

Boobs Ceramic Pot

£44.00 Sold Out

Flo Grinder Small Natural Wireworks

Flo Grinder

£45.00 Sold Out

Dance Print Cushion Green

Dance Print Cushion Green

£45.00 Sold Out

Pair of Hairy Ceramic Feet

Pair Of Feet Ceramic Pots

£45.00 Sold Out

Bushwick Cushion Mono Sophie Home | Insidestore

Bushwick Cushion Mono

£46.00 Sold Out

Bleecker Cushion Mono | Sophie Home

Bleecker Cushion Mono

£46.00 Sold Out

Bleecker Cushion Pink | Sophie Home

Bleecker Cushion Pink

£46.00 Sold Out

A3 Frame

A3 Frame


Mandarin Screen Print A3 Jonathan Lawes

Mandarin Screen Print

£50.00 Sold Out

Petrol Screen Print A3 Jonathan Lawes

Petrol Screen Print

£50.00 Sold Out

Hourglass Planters Ferm Living Lifestyle

Hourglass Plant Pot

From £59.00

Braided Lampshades Ferm Living Lifestyle

Braided Lamp Shade

From £59.00

Restore Tray

Restore Tray


Mono Blankets Hay

Mono Blanket


E27 Nude Muuto | Insidestore

E27 Light


Pair of Legs Ceramic Pots

Pair of Legs Ceramic Pots

£69.00 Sold Out

Willmann Vase Menu

Willmann Vase

£69.00 Sold Out

HAY Analog Clock White

Analog Clock


Muuto Folded Shelves

Folded Shelf

From £89.00

Flip Mirror White Styled Normann Copenhagen

Flip Mirror


Cast Pendants Menu

Cast Pendant

From £90.00

Pegboard Small Grey

Pegboard Small


Lou Stool Ash Pink as Side Table Tiptoe | Insidestore

Lou Stool

From £115.00

Tapis Rug Colours HAY

Tapis Rug

From £115.00

Love Rug Maison Deux

Love Rug


HAY Revolver Stool

Revolver Stool


Muuto Grain Pendant Grey

Grain Pendant

£125.00 Sold Out

Pond Wall Mirror Ferm Living Lifestyle

Pond Wall Mirror

From £125.00

Mimic Mirror Muuto

Mimic Mirror


Pao Steel Pendant

Pao Steel Pendant

From £125.00

Muuto Control Lamp Grey | Insidestore

Control Lamp


Mega Dot Quilts Light Grey and Dark Grey | Insidestore

Mega Dot Quilt

From £145.00

Bias Quilt Lemon Sorbet Hay | Insidestore London

Bias Quilt

From £145.00

DLM Yellow Lifestyle HAY

DLM Side Table


Hay Slit Table Family

Slit Table

From £145.00

J77 Chair | Insidestore formerly Future and Found

J77 Chair

From £149.00

Muuto Fluid Pendants Large & Small

Fluid Pendant Lamp

From £155.00 Sold Out

Friday Stool Wood Seat Fest Amsterdam

Friday Stool

From £169.00

HAY Peas Rug Dark Grey with Black DLM Table

Peas Rug

From £169.00

Bjork Rug Three Sizes Design House Stockholm

Bjork Rug

From £175.00

Airy Coffee Table Half Black

Airy Coffee Table

From £175.00

Drum Pouf with Tray | Insidestore

Drum Pouf

From £175.00

J104 Chair Natural Beech by HAY | Insidestore

J104 Chair

From £175.00

Tulou Coffee Table Orange & Rust by HAY | Insidestore

Tulou Coffee Table

From £175.00

Two Dot Bench White Nomess Copenhagen

Two Dot Bench


Eyes Rugs Maison Deux

Eyes Rugs


Rime Pendant White Muuto

Rime Pendant Lamp

From £179.00

Luna Pendants Hanging Design House Stockholm

Luna Pendant Lamp

From £180.00

Loop Stand Wardrobe Black and White

Loop Stand

From £189.00

HAY Revolver Stool Black

Revolver Bar Stool

From £189.00

60 Stool Black lino | Artek

60 Stool


Bella Side Table Brunswick Green by Hay | Insidestore

Bella Coffee Table

From £195.00

13Eighty Chair

13Eighty Chair


Bias Rug Colour HAY

Bias Rug

From £199.00

Raw Rug No 2

Raw Rug No 2

From £199.00

Cosy Lamp Grey Lifestyle Muuto

Cosy Lamp


Muuto Ply Rugs All Colours

Ply Rug

From £209.00

Option Chairs Blue Lifestyle Puik

Option Chair


Pegboard Large Natural

Pegboard Large


K Lamp White Vitamin Living | Insidestore

K Lamp


Bell Pendants Grey Large Norman Copenhagen

Bell Pendant

From £220.00

Norman Copenhagen, Form Chair Black Group

Form Chair


Cone Pendant Black Lifestyle Puik

Cone Pendant


About A Stool

About A Stool


HAY Woody Shelving Unit High

Woody Shelves

From £225.00

HAY J110 Chair Natural Beech | Insidestore formerly Future and Found

J110 Chair

From £229.00

J41 Chair HAY

J41 Chair

From £229.00

Norman Copenhagen, Form Bar Stool Black

Form Bar Stool


Dress Up Clothes Rail Black with Black

Dress Up Clothes Rail

From £235.00

Shaggy Rug Colours HAY

Shaggy Rug

From £235.00

Norman Copenhagen, Form Armchair Black

Form Armchair


Strand Pendant Lamp Closed 80cm | Muuto

Strand Pendant Lamp

From £245.00

PC Task Lamp HAY Black

PC Task Lamp


Cyclop Stool Red Tron Meyer

Cyclop Stool


HAY Moire Rug Black Close Up

Moire Kelim Rug

From £259.00

Cap Table Lamps Normann Copenhagen

Cap Table Lamp


Muuto Visu Chair Grey

Visu Chair


J42 Chair HAY

J42 Chair

From £279.00

Muuto Loft Chair Oak on White Frame by Muuto | Insidestore

Loft Chair


Soround Coffee Table Black and Concrete

Soround Coffee Table

From £299.00




Stick Shelving System White | Menu

Stick Shelving System

From £300.00

Muuto Lifestyle Workshop Chairs Oak and Black

Workshop Chair


Palissade Cone Table

Palissade Cone Table

From £325.00

About An Ottoman

About An Ottoman

From £345.00

Nerd Chair Sand Yellow Lifestyle

Nerd Chair


Step Ladder White Design House Stockholm

Step Ladder


Cork Stool C | Vitra

Cork Stool


Cover Chair Oak Green Grey

Cover Chair


Cloud Iconic Rocker Maison Deux

Cloud Rocker


Nerd Bar Stools at Counter

Nerd Bar Stool


Muuto Visu Bar Stool Oak

Visu Bar Stool


Compile Shelving

Compile Shelving

From £425.00

Muuto Pull Lamp

Pull Lamp


Pull Lamp Grey

Pull Lamp Grey


Bonbon Pendant 380 Ice Cream Hay

Bonbon Pendant

From £445.00

Linear Wood Bench Lifestyle | Muuto

Linear Wood Bench

From £445.00

Peas Random Rug

Peas Random Rug

From £449.00

Wick Chair Black and Ash Design House Stockholm

Wick Chair

From £455.00

Rope Modular Sofa Normann Copenhagen

Rope Modular Sofa

From £485.00

Echo Pouf

Echo Pouf

From £495.00

Workshop Coffee Table 86x86cm Oak Lifestyle | Muuto

Workshop Coffee Table

From £495.00

Mags Ottoman Hallingdal Hay

Mags Ottoman

From £525.00

Varjo Rug Colours | Muuto

Varjo Rug

From £565.00

Tojbox Large Oak Styled


From £569.00

Ease Loop Rug Ferm Living

Ease Loop Rug

From £579.00

Shade Loop Rug

Shade Loop Rug

From £579.00

Normann Copenhagen Journal Desk White

Journal Desk


Hanging Lamp No.5

Hanging Lamp No.5

From £619.00

Doze Ottoman Balder 782 Chrome Base | Muuto

Doze Ottoman

From £645.00

Dapper Chair Hallingdal 220 Hay | Raw Rug Rose

Dapper Lounge Chair

From £655.00

Hanging Lamp No.1 Green

Hanging Lamp No.1

From £715.00

Base Table Grey Styled 2

Base Table

From £849.00

Softline Frame Day Bed Light Grey

Frame Day Bed


Linear Wood Table & Bench Lifestyle | Muuto

Linear Wood Table

From £895.00

Union Dining Table Family Normann Copenhagen

Union Table Round

From £910.00

Maissi Bench Skagerak

Maissi Bench


Triangle Leg Bench

Triangle Leg Bench

From £939.00

Pebble Rug Colour Options Muuto

Pebble Rug

From £985.00

Kate Sofa FEST Amsterdam

Kate Sofa

From £995.00

Jalousi Cabinet

Jalousi Cabinet

From £1,040.00

Duet Daybed

Duet Daybed

From £1,049.00

Noomi Swivel Lounge Chair Softline

Noomi Lounge Chair

From £1,059.00

AAL82 Soft Vidar 932

About A Lounge 82 Soft

From £1,059.00

AAL83 Soft Silk SILO250

About A Lounge 83 Soft

From £1,069.00

Havana Lounge Chair

Havana Lounge Chair

From £1,099.00

Muuto 70/70 Table Black | Insidestore

70/70 Table

From £1,149.00

Muuto Rest Sofa Ottoman | Insidestore

Rest Ottoman


Triangle Leg Table

Triangle Leg Table

From £1,299.00

Harto Sideboard Marius Natural Oak

Sideboard Marius


Havana Wing Chair Black Grey Vision Softline

Havana Wing Chair


City Sofa Bed Charcoal Felt Melange Softline

City Sofa Bed


Softline Jasper Sofa Bed Yellow

Jasper Sofa Bed

From £1,675.00

Jalousi Sideboard

Jalousi Sideboard


Can Two Seater Sofa | Chrome Frame | Black Canvas | Linara 415 | HAY

Can Sofa Two Seater

From £1,699.00

Barnard Lounge Chair Natural Leather Natural Oak Frame Hay

Bernard Lounge Chair

From £1,749.00

Doze Lounge Chair Forest Nap 512 Chrome Base / Stand Pendant | Muuto

Doze Lounge Chair

From £1,895.00

Outline Chair Fiord 151

Outline Arm Chair

From £1,995.00

Muuto Split Table Oak

Split Table


Ferm Living Bevel Extendable Dining Table

Bevel Extendable Table

From £2,069.00

Can Sofa Three Seater

Can Sofa Three Seater

From £2,099.00

Silhouette Sofa | Insidestore

Silhouette Sofa

From £2,249.00

Velvet Hackney Sofa

Hackney Sofa

From £2,499.00

Outline 3 1/2 Seater Sofa Vidar 554 Muuto

Outline Sofa

From £2,949.00

Compose 2 seater sofa Pink

Compose Sofa

From £3,049.00

Mags Corner Group Sofa By Hay, Combination 1 | Insidestore

Mags Sofa Corner Options

From £3,368.00

Rest Sofa Lifestyle Muuto

Rest Sofa

From £3,449.00

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