Chubby Vases | &Klevering | Insidestore

Chubby Vases

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Silent Vase Clear Large | Muuto | Insidestore

Silent Vase Clear

From £30.00

Lotta Vase | Meyer-Lavigne | Insidestore

Lotta Vase


Frede Vase | Meyer-Lavigne | Insidestore

Frede Vase


Deko Objects | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Deko Objects

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Boobies Ceramic Pot | Wobbly Studio | Insidestore

Boobies Ceramic Pot

From £24.00

Arcs Vase White | Hay | Insidestore

Arcs Vase

On Sale £79.00 Regular price £129.00

To make a house a home, you need a selection of vases & vessels for styling shelves, for holding your favourite flowers and for adding colour and personality. Our selection is perfect to create a relaxed and modern home. Including Scandinavian brands including HAY, House Doctor & Ferm Living
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