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Adam Palmer
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As you might have noticed, we’ve had a little rebrand. Instead of Future and Found, we’re now insidestore. We’re still the same friendly faces, and our store is still based in Tufnell Park, we’ve just had a bit of a refresh. We've grown up and evolved a little since opening 7 years ago, with our furniture and interiors collection growing strongly. With this in mind, we thought it was about time we changed.

Here at insidestore, we scour through products from the best designers and makers, to come up with our favourite design-led, modern pieces to fill your home. We’re real people, selling to real people, and that’s why our style tries to combine great, modern design with practicality. 

Our brand-new identity was designed by the brilliant Paul Arnot, a London based graphic designer who really managed to reflect our simple, understated style. The new branding comes with a wink towards our belief that design shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but should be fun and creative.

As part of our rebrand, we’re opening a brand new first-floor space, lovingly titled ‘our place’. Our place is a relaxed, refreshingly light and airy apartment setting, where you can see how our interiors pieces could look in your home. We've more than doubled our on-display furniture offering by doing this so there's lots to come and try out!

In Spring 2019 we'll be releasing our first wave of own brand product. Well designed, modern and affordable pieces that we know you’ll absolutely love, with more to be revealed soon... 

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