Swivel Base
Oslo Lounge Chair Swivel Base | Muuto | Insidestore
Match to Sofa
Outline Chair Fiord 151

Outline Arm Chair

On Sale from £1,799.20 Regular price £2,249.00

Match to Sofa
Swell Armchair | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Swell Armchair

From £2,495.00

Match to Sofa
Arbour Club Armchair | Hay | Insidestore

Arbour Club Armchair

From £2,249.00

Margas Armchair | &Tradition | Insidestore

Margas Lounge Chair

From £2,050.00

Best Seller
Cover Lounge Chair Oak & Cognac Leather Muuto

Cover Lounge Chair

From £809.00

Echo Pouf

Echo Pouf

From £509.00

Ark Armchair | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Ark Armchair

From £1,615.00

Five Finishes
Muuto Visu Lounge Chair Upholstered
Barnard Lounge Chair Natural Leather Natural Oak Frame Hay

Bernard Lounge Chair

From £2,249.00

Best Seller
AAL83 Bolgheri
Doze Lounge Chair Dark Blue Balder | Muuto | Insidestore

Doze Lounge Chair

From £2,295.00

Match to Chair
Doze Ottoman Balder 782 Chrome Base | Muuto

Doze Ottoman

From £765.00

Swivel Base
Noomi Swivel Lounge Chair Softline

Noomi Lounge Chair

From £1,079.00

Drape Lounge Chair Low | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Drape Lounge Chair Low

From £1,825.00

Match to Chair
About An Ottoman

About An Ottoman

From £409.00

Shop our curated selection of modern lounge chairs and ottomans. The perfect  contemporary Danish or Scandinavian addition to your Living Room. Featuring a wide range of styles and brands including HAY, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen and &Tradition.
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