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Mags Sofa 2.5 Seater Sofa Combination 1 Metaphor | Hay | Insidestore
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Mags Sofa 3 Seater Options

From £3,280.00

Mags Soft Sofa Three Seater High Armrest | Hay | Insidestore
Two Sizes
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Mags Sofa Cushions

From £180.00

Two Sizes
Mags Ottoman Hallingdal Hay

Mags Ottoman

From £690.00

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Mags Sofa Corner Options

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Seconds Mags Sofa Lounge Module Atlas 971

Seconds Mags Sofa Lounge Module Atlas 971

On Sale £510.00 Regular price £1,019.00

Mags Cushion 10 | Hay | Insidestore

Mags 10 Sofa Cushion Yellow

On Sale £120.00 Regular price £180.00

The Mags sofa family is an elegant series that combines maximum comfort, minimum details and optimal flexibility in a timeless design. The low, welcoming frame has a distinctly lounge feel, reinforced by the deep seats and solid armrests. Based around a solid construction with durable, high-density foam and interior padding, the collection comprises the pared-back Mags sofa and the more fluid, relaxed Mags Soft Sofa, which has an added layer of down padding for extra softness. The Mags Soft series also comes with high or low armrests to create a more informal, open space.

All sofa variants are available in a wide range of functional modular units, meaning the sofa can be fully customised with chaise longue, corner modules or additional seats to suit any room or purpose, while the numerous high-quality upholstery options allow the sofa to find its own personality.

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