Colour Options
Meyer Colour Bench Emerald Green | OUT | Insidestore

Meyer Colour Bench

From £889.00

Expand to Fit
Expandable Bed Black | Moebe | Insidestore

Expandable Bed

From £900.00

4PM Table | Massproductions | Insidestore

4PM Table


Six Colours
Apex Clip Lamp Colours | Hay | Insidestore

Apex Clip Lamp


Colours & Sizes
Arcs Mirror Round Red | Hay | Insidestore

Arcs Mirror

From £389.00

Redo Sofa Two Modules | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Redo Sofa Modules

From £955.00

Silo Wine Racks Stacked | Massproductions | Insidestore

Silo Wine Rack


Expand Extendable Dining Table Oak | Northern | Insidestore

Extendable Dining Table

From £3,539.00

Silent Vase Clear Large | Muuto | Insidestore

Silent Vase Clear

From £30.00

Home Scented Candle | Eym Naturals | Insidestore

Home Scented Candle

From £20.00

Frede Vase | Meyer-Lavigne | Insidestore

Frede Vase


Three Fabrics
Rar Three Seater Sofa Re-Born Dark Grey | Normann Copenhagen | Insidestore

Rar Three Seater Sofa

From £2,425.00

We're always on the look out for fantastic new products to add to our curated collection of modern furniture, designer lighting and contemporary home accessories.

Shop the latest products to be added including latest arrivals from design led Scandinavian brands such as HAY, Muuto, Montana and Ferm Living alongside up and coming designers and makers. 

All have a design aesthetic in common... they are well designed, well made and fit with our modern, relaxed style. 

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