Two Colours
Annular Pendant Black Large | Woud | Insidestore
Eos Feather Lampshade Large & Medium | Umage | Insidestore

Eos Feather Lampshade

On Sale from £59.00 Regular price £89.00

Two Colours
Annular Pendant Small Black Close Up | Woud | Insidestore
Brass Plug In Pendant

Brass Plug In Pendant

From £120.00

Four Colours
Top Pendant 38cm Deep Red | Muuto | Insidestore

Top Pendant Lamp

From £165.00

Dou Braided Pendant Lampshades | Ferm Living | Insidestore

Dou Rattan Lampshade

From £135.00

Ceiling lights add atmosphere to a space and can create intimacy when low hung over a tabletop. Shop our selection of contemporary and stylish pendants and ceiling lights to transform your home.
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