Meet the Makers | Sustainable Furniture brand TIPTOE

Chloe Blake
Read Time: 6mins

As you all know we strive to source affordable furniture for our customers offering easier solutions for the modern day home...

TIPTOE launched in 2015 in Paris. Matthew left and Vincent right are the main two behind Tiptoe, with years of experience in furniture design. They have cleverly designed long lasting furniture which can be used to easily create individual pieces of furniture for your home.

We have recently expanded our Tiptoe range to include the new Lou Stool and Wall Brackets, which we are in love with. You can use the Lou Stool for so many things around the home, use them as an accessible seat or a side table or even somewhere for your favourite plants to live.

The Wall Brackets are perfect for styling up your walls, you can use anywhere in your home, including the bathroom.

If you are looking for an easy solution for a dining table or coffee table then the Tiptoe legs are perfect, it means you can be creative with size, shape and finish as you can create your very own bespoke piece of furniture. You can even produce your own bench... 

All products are available to order on our website and in our North London Store :)


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