Lockers you will love...

Chloe Blake
Read Time: 6mins

We are always looking for versatile and affordable storage solutions and it looks like we have just struck lucky... Meet our brand new family of lockers which are fun, modern and super stylish...

For the living room we have the Lowdown Locker which makes a perfect tv stand and offers storage for all your treasured consoles. It has a handy hole in the back making it easy to hide away all those loose cables... it looks great with your favourite picture frame and accessories too.

For the bedroom we love the Shorty Locker which is ideal for tidying away all your bits and bobs, but also an easy storage companion by your desk at home or office space... you can keep things locked up safe which is fab if you have kids... 

For the hallway the Skinny Locker is practical helping to keep everything in order whether it be your gym kit and yoga mat to hanging up your coat and keeping your beloved trainers safe and sound... The Skinny also works well in the office for filing, paper supplies or keeping valuables secure over night by locking Skinny's door... it can even make a useful wardrobe for your kids clothes and toys, the Skinny has a removable rail and shelves making it simple to re-arrange.

All three come in Blush, White and Slate. Available now online or in store. The Shorty Locker and Skinny Locker are on display in our North London store so come say hi :)


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