Top tips to buying a new sofa

Andrea Bates
Read Time: 6mins
It's a big decision to buy a new sofa and there's lots to consider.. so here are a few tips to help you along the way...

  • Measure the size of your space and come up with your ideal dimensions by laying out paper or tape on the floor.. watch out for skirting boards, doorways and radiators when you're measuring. We'll then help you find a sofa that's closest to your ideal and works in your space. 
  • Think about how you'll use the sofa.. is it mainly for lounging and watching the TV? In which case think about where you'll want to lean or face and have your legs up. 
  • Look at your colour scheme and how much natural light you have in the space and how you imagine it looking... do you want to stay neutral and use accessories to add colour or do you want to go bold and make a statement? Many of our fabrics can be sent as samples to get in touch to discuss options or pop by to see in person at our showroom. 
  • It's important to make sure that your new sofa will be able to fit through your doorways, narrow turns and staircases. So do check the measurements of your chosen sofa in your space before ordering. We do offer an access check service if you're nervous and want an expert eye. 

Do book a time to come and chat with us in our North London showroom.. you can test out our display sofas, look at fabric options and we can help you choose your perfect sofa.

Call us on 020 7267 4772 or email hello@insidestoreldn.com 

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