Talking Christmas With Stylist Cate St Hill

Chloe Blake
Read Time: 6mins

Cate is an interiors writer, stylist and designer based in London. She set up her blog in 2011, sharing simple design for everyday living. 

We had a brief chat about Christmas and any tips she had for decorating the tabletop... Here's what she had to say :)

'At Christmas I love to bring the outside in and take inspiration from nature. A beautiful, simple and stylish tabletop needs three things for me. Firstly, it needs some layers of texture – a base layer using a relaxed linen tablecloth in a soft, neutral colour, for example, or some tactile, organic textiles.

Then it needs some contrast to bring it to life – dark, matte black plates on a beige tablecloth for instance, or some brass candleholders to bring another material element to a pared-back colour palette. The final flourish is some greenery – natural foliage helps create a tablescape that appeals to all the senses, including sight, touch, smell, to create a vision that's uplifting, effortless and appealing.

It can be as simple as a sprig of foliage on each place setting or something more delicate and detailed, like a homemade garland running down the middle of the table. Don't forget to dim the lights (no ceiling lights allowed!) and light the candles - the atmosphere and setting the scene is so important. It's the little finishing touches that your guests will appreciate the most.'

Take a look at what Cate has on her wish list this year:

1. Hay Contour Placemats Set of 4 Grey

2. Design Anthology Magazine

3. Hay Arcs Vase White

4. Small Tree Oak

5. Ferm Living Advent Calendar Scented Candle

6. JWDA Portable Lamp

7. Hay Long Candle Set of 6 

8. Rain Large Matches 

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