Top Tips for the Perfect Outside Space

Andrea Bates
Read Time: 6mins

Want to make the most of your outside space? Be it a small city terrace or blooming back garden, we have a few top tips to share... 

1. Start with the view from inside looking outside as that's largely how you'll enjoy it when the weathers too cool to be outside. 

2. Keep it simple... Stick to clean lines and a limited palette of colours as once plants grow the space naturally softens. We love using dark colours like off black on walls and fencing so the greenery pops off it. 

3. Light it up... think about how you want to light the space. If you don't want to tackle electrics then you can use candles in lanterns or portable LED lights

4. How do you want to sit in the space? Do you want to be able to eat at a table and chairs or just have more of a summer lounging feel with a few lower lounge chairs and side table. Then choose your outdoor furniture to suit... 

5. Pot up hardy plants which will survive through the winter months and also think how they'll grow to allow you more privacy. 

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