Summer 2021 HAY Newness Incoming...

Chloe Blake
Read Time: 6mins

Our team is very excited about the incoming newness from our best selling Danish design brand, HAY. Some pieces are so hot off the press we only saw them ourselves in Copenhagen at 3daysofdesign last month. HAY have covered everything from furniture to lighting to textiles to accessories. There is certainly plenty of tempting pieces to choose from... 

Hee Welling is a Danish Furniture designer and is responsible for the popular About a Chair series, we are very excited for the new addition to the family, the About a Chair Soft 123, still keeping the same high backrest and favourable seat that characterises the series and makes a super comfortable desk or dining chair.

Thomas Bentzen a Danish designer and maker of our favourite DLM side table has now introduced the stylish Shade Bin which offers a joyful spin on the normal everyday bin and looks great in any modern home office space... 

The Bowler Side Table is a new favourite of ours designed by Shane Schneck, an American designer known for designing some of our loved accessories such as the Analog Clock and Porter Paper Towel Holder. He is also responsible for the new in Bernard Lounge Chair which is just gorgeous... Bowler is a characterful modern side table which can easily be move around your living room. 

We are also delighted to introduce a wide range of new design led home accessories... Sure to be best sellers are the new Ellipse Trays which are the move on from Clara Von Zweigbergk classic Kaleido Trays. Like the Kaleido Tray the Ellipse Tray can be used as small home storage pieces and presentation trays for so many things around the home. 


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